Here we go again

I’m humbled that my story provided inspiration and support

The Tumor Trip!

A gorgeous Canberra start

Before we start what are you grateful for? My photo today is from yesterday from Mt Ainslie in between appointments. No COVID now for sometime in the ACT so life a little normal, and apart from hayfever through the capital we are going ok.

But back to business, it is that time again. Round 11, I am starting to feel like a UFC fighter. That is about to fall over! But so far the treatment as a whole has been doing it’s job, so I can’t complain. I have been trying to stay positive about chemotherapy this month, which sometimes is tough. I do hope though that this month will go just fine.

One thing that has got up my back wheels is that I have had to have a bit of a lower profile doing a few things I would normally be jumping into. The…

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