The Real Superheros” Film is a feature-length documentary film that explores human stories of cancer survivors, as well as those who dedicate their lives and careers to helping cancer patients. They include esteemed physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and others.

The film will include a variety of intimate interviews, as well as casual and deep conversations about cancer from people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life.

Naturally, the theme will be how these particular cancer survivors discovered their “superpowers”; as well as discussions with professionals who use their own “superpowers” to help save cancer patients’ lives and/or enrich patients’ lives.

Ultimately, we will show that there are real superheroes all around us!

Super Bianca!

Bianca Ilich, the film’s creator, will guide the film’s journey. Bianca is a cancer patient in NYC. She is a graduate of The National Academy for Theater and Film Arts in Sofia, and the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute NYC. She is a performing artist, a Bulgarian National TV celebrity, as well as a theater and movie producer. Her alter-ego, Super Bianca (pictured above) with her impromptu and quirky sense of humor, will interview each participant about their own superpower!

The co-creator of the film is an award-winning, veteran documentary filmmaker Ivo Stainoff.

Through its heroes the film will motivate. It will demonstrate to fellow cancer patients that cancer IS beatable and moreover, it will inspire the overall audience to see life from a different perspective – through a heroic mindset, laughter & positivity.