Meet “Super Bianca”

Bianca, or her alter ego “Super Bianca”, is known throughout her homeland of Bulgaria. When I first met her, I had no idea I was in the company of such a superstar!

Beautiful Bianca

Bianca is the Creator, along with the Director/Cinematographer, of the “The Real Superhero Film”.

Brief Resume:

After graduating from the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, she began her professional career in Theater and Television. Among her notable theatrical credits: Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale”; “Look Back in Anger” – John Osborne; “The Seagull” – Anton Chekhov; “Dinner for Schmucks” – Francis Weber; and, “Miss Julie” – August Strindberg. She is also well-known to the Bulgarian audience from her popular character Super Bianka on the national television prime-time program – “Ivan & Andrey`s Show”. Before coming to the US, she was the TV host of “The Bachelor” in Bulgaria.

Shortly after her arrival in New York, she became a student of the Two-Year Conservatory Program at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. She went on to direct the musical “Don Juan Around the World” in 2013 produced by Nantucket Ballroom at The Dreamland Theater on Nantucket Island. Her production was such a success that she was invited back to direct the 2014 Dreamland production “Mystery on the Orient Express.” In 2015, she directed Nantucket Ballroom’s most ambitious project “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in which the veteran actor, John Shea, played the lead role.

Super Bianka” from the Bulgarian national television prime-time program “Ivan & Andrey`s Show”

To learn about Bianca’s extensive career, go to her website: or her IMDB Bio:

Cancer Journey:

You’ll have to wait for the film to learn all our cancer superheroes’ journeys in depth, but Bianca was diagnosed with breast cancer while living in New York. She’s had 3 surgeries at this point and remains in-treatment.

Creating The Film:

Bianca began shooting the film in her homeland of Bulgaria, interviewing several cancer patients there including her mother. With the incredible support of NYU Langone and Mt. Sinai in New York, Bianca and the production crew has gained access to esteemed, award-winning doctors and other medical professionals.

As an immigrant to the States, Bianca did not know many other cancer survivors here. Upon meeting me, I reached out to “my tribe” of fellow cancer survivors/thrivers in the NYC Metro area. Each and every one of these people have supported me, in more ways than they likely know. I’m proud to say that when I asked if they’d be willing to participate in the film, almost everyone gave a resounding, “Yes!”. From there, I reached out to several doctors I knew from NYU, as well as some wellness/fitness experts who work to enrich the lives of cancer patients beyond standard Western medicine. Again, everyone gave a resounding, “Yes, I’d love to be a part of this film!”.

And that, I say is history… When I first met Bianca she said, “I hope I can change the world.” I replied, “No, you will change the world.” She smiled and in her strong Bulgarian accent said, “No, together we will change the world!”

I believe together every single person involved in this film will indeed change the world.