Don’t just simply survive-learn to thrive!

As we create our film, we will continuously update this page.

There is no preference associated with how and/or the order in which we present our survivors/thrivers. They are all equally amazing! One thing they all have in common is how they’ve taken the trauma of their diagnosis, and the challenges they’ve faced in so many aspects of life caused by that diagnosis. Yet, they didn’t just survive. They’ve thrived!

Their stories will inspire. Through these stories, audiences will reflect upon mortality, as frankly every cancer patient is caused to reflect upon this, many of us at an unexpectedly early age. There will be some tears – both sad and happy tears. Ultimately though, every story will include joy, happiness, love, friendships and “friends who became family”.

Audiences will undoubtedly be moved by how our “thrivers” didn’t just fight/beat/overcome cancer. In facing the cancer beast, they found their passion for life, to help others, to advocate for fellow patients, and so on.

Part of our human existence is to question, “Do we have a purpose here in this life?”. If so, “What is that purpose?”. Every one of our “thrivers” have found their purpose, their superhero power, which will be portrayed throughout the film.